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So far, the World Capital of Night and Magic would only open for 4 days at a time so you could step in and immerse yourself in its enchantment. This time UNTOLD sends a piece of its magic into the world and an exclusive tribe of collectors upon whom fortune has smiled will be able to own it.

As the world’s first festival to launch an NFT* collection, we are extremely happy to take this step alongside StakeBorg, our partner in magic, who is looking to encourage the development of crypto markets and raise awareness on blockchain technology.

UNTOLD’s NFTs are actually organized into more than one collection, depicting the most important characters and stories from the enchanted world of our festival. Joined together under one name, THE CODEX OF MAGIC, they will be available on


Giving collectors the possibility of owning a truly unique slice of magic, in a way that was never before possible, we created THE UNTOLD TAROT DECK ART COLLECTION

This tarot deck gathers all the characters from the UNTOLD Universe, in a graceful NFT art collection. The UNTOLD Tarot Deck is meant to catch the eye of everyone interested in the complexity of life. Everyone's journey is unique and these magnificent cards are meant to be embraced by every soulseeker.

You will be witnessing the legendary reveal of all these slices of magic at the following festival edition, but you will have something nobody else will: ownership of a piece of UNTOLD magic. You will see the NFTs we release now actually come to life and greet you on the festival grounds.

Let yourself be carried away by intuition and allow UNTOLD Tarot Cards to tell you the beautiful story of a universe where happiness transforms people.

Check out our two magic collections!

Major Arcana
The Untold Tarot
Major Arcana
Minor Arcana
The Untold Tarot
Minor Arcana

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* NFTs are non-fungible tokens that act as a certificate of authenticity for a real, or virtual object. The unique digital file corresponding to the artwork/musical recording is permanently stored in a blockchain network and is virtually impossible to forge.