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Frequently asked questions about the ANYTIME product.


1. What is the Anytime product?

The Anytime product is a voucher that gives you the opportunity to participate, at your choice, one time only, in one of the next three UNTOLD editions.


2. For who is this Product available for?

The Anytime product is available for those who have already purchased a ticket for UNTOLD 2020, and have chosen to swap it into an Anytime voucher, according to the Terms and Conditions on the website


3. So the Anytime product is originally a voucher? When does this voucher become a valid pass?

The voucher will become a valid pass for the festival only after you’ve selected your option for the edition you want to participate in.


4. If I own an Anytime pass, until when I can decide to choose the UNTOLD 2021 edition?

For the 2021 edition, you must express your option until June 30th 2021, at 23:59, or until a later date communicated by the Organizer.

If you don’t want to participate in the 2021 edition, you can select to participate in the next editions. Later, the option for the edition you want to participate in will be manifested until January 31st of the year of the edition you want to participate in.


5. If I decide after June 30th 2021 that I want to participate at UNTOLD 2021 with my Anytime pass, will it be possible?

Yes, it will be possible. Choosing the option to participate at UNTOLD 2021 until June 30th is free of charge. After June 30th 2021, at 23:59, the option to participate in UNTOLD 2021 will come with a fee of 15 EUR, within the available stock. If the event is announced "SOLD OUT", this option will no longer be available.


6. If I choose, through the Anytime option, to participate in the 2021 edition, but this edition will not be held, what happens to my pass?

If the UNTOLD 2021 edition is postponed, your pass will still be valid for one of the next 3 festival editions, so there is no risk for this option.


7. What happens if the next editions of the festival are canceled, even though I chose the Anytime product?

If any of the next three editions of the festival (2021, 2022, 2023) will not be organized, the validity of the Anytime product will be extended accordingly for the period corresponding to a new edition.


8. If I own an Anytime pass / ticket and do not want to participate in the 2021 edition, do I lose my pass / ticket?

No, your pass / ticket is valid for one of the next 2 editions of the festival.


9. What happens if I already had the check-in process done for my pass?

The online check-in process made for a pass remains valid even after it’s swapped into an Anytime product.


10. When I choose the edition I want to participate in, do I have to do the check-in process as well?

No, the check-in process and the option to select the UNTOLD edition you want to participate in are 2 operations that can be done separately. However, we encourage you to do the check-in for free, within a maximum of 30 days from the selection of the participation edition.


11. How can I transfer my Anytime pass?

The pass can be transferred from your online check-in account, using the transfer option.

12. Is it possible to exchange my Anytime pass into a voucher or to get a refund?

Passes swapped into an Anytime product do not fall under the guidance of the Emergency Ordinance no. 70/14.05.2020. This is due to the fact that this product is a voucher, not a pass, therefore it does not fall under the guidelines that regulates ticket sales. Secondly, this product presents unique characteristics and, at the time of the swap, the consumer agreed to its new characteristics. Therefore, a pass swapped into an Anytime product cannot be exchanged into a voucher and the refund policy does not apply to it.


13. Will participation in the festival be conditioned by vaccination?

Any measures about vaccination, rapid testing etc. will be established by the authorities. We are  staying in permanent contact with the authorities in order to find the best solutions to have the festival the same way we are used to. As they are announced, if that is the case, we will communicate the measures that will be valid for the whole event industry.

You can discover all the info in the Terms and Conditions section.