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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions




LOCATION: Cluj–Napoca city, Cluj county, Romania

DATE OF THE EVENT: 8-11 August 2024



1.1. The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) apply to the organization and conduct of the UNTOLD event (hereinafter referred to as the Festival), coorganized by UNTOLD PRODUCTION SRL, a Romanian company, established in Cluj-Napoca, Eremia Grigorescu, nr. 122A, registered with the Trade Register under no. J12/5129/2021, VAT number: 45114420 and UNTOLD SRL, a Romanian company, established in Cluj-Napoca, Eremia Grigorescu, nr. 122A, registered with the Trade Register under no. J12/3105/2015, VAT number: RO35113711 (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Organizer or UNTOLD) and contain the provisions which each participant commits to comply with. 

1.2. By purchasing a ticket or by attending the Festival, the Participant declares to have read and understood and undertakes to comply with the GTC, which also include the Privacy Policy.

1.3. The General Terms and Conditions are valid indefinitely. The Participants agree that UNTOLD has the right to unilaterally amend these GTC, without need for previous notification. Should the GTC be amended, the respective amendments shall take effect immediately after publication on the Website. UNTOLD stipulates that the GTC can be amended after the purchase of the Ticket, even right before the Festival. UNTOLD recommends Participants to monitor the changes to these GTC. 



2.1 During their use in this document, the defined terms have the meaning agreed in this section, unless they are otherwise defined in this document: 

a. Ticket: A certificate issued in any form (on paper, cardboard tickets or in electronic form), one-day ticket, 4 day-pass or invitation attesting the right to receive a wristband at the UNTOLD Festival. Tickets are non-nominally or nominal and have a unique identification number. By purchasing or transforming vouchers/products into Tickets, buyers undertake to comply with these General Terms and Conditions, the procedures for registering purchased Tickets, the rules of online check-in and access to the Festival, as well as, in general, any other rules of participation that are brought to you, through various means, including directly through the Website. The purchase of Tickets / Wristbands from areas other than those authorized by the Festival Organizer is prohibited and restricts access to that Festival

b. Wristband: a certificate applied by UNTOLD when validating a Ticket , which offers rights identical to those included in the Ticket and – provided it is secured according to section 3 below – it only certifies that its holder has the right to visit the respective Festival; It is also a special payment instrument within the Festival. 

c. Ticket Buyer: the person who buys the Ticket at the Festival. 

d. Duration of the Festival: the duration of any Festival that corresponds to the period of time between the beginning and the end of the Festival. The beginning of the Festival will correspond with the beginning of the validity of the tickets at that Festival which authorizes the first entry to the respective Festival. The end of the Festival will correspond to the conclusion of the validity of the Ticket authorizing the longest stay at the respective Festival. UNTOLD reserves the right to organize programs or to provide Services for the duration of the Festival. 

e. Festival: The UNTOLD Festival, made up of all the performing arts programs - music, entertainment and culture - and other free or paid services offered by UNTOLD in a certain period of time and in a certain area established by the Organizer. 

f. Coorganizers / UNTOLD: UNTOLD PRODUCTION SRL is a Romanian company, established in ClujNapoca, Eremia Grigorescu, nr. 122A, registered with the Trade Register under no. J12/5129/2021, VAT number: 45114420 and UNTOLD SRL, a Romanian company, established in Cluj-Napoca, Eremia Grigorescu, nr. 122A, registered with the Trade Register under no. J12/3105/2015, VAT number: RO35113711. 

g. Contractual Partner: an economic operator or other natural/ legal persons who carries out independent commercial activities at a certain Festival, based on a contractual relationship with UNTOLD. 

h. Participants: all persons participating in the Festival.

i. Product: the elements and the rights with pecuniary value that can be purchased form UNTOLD or other Contracting Partners within the Festival or in connection with it, as well as any vouchers or other similar means that can be offered in exchange for them. 

j. Service: any service provided by UNTOLD or its Contracting Partners within the Festival or in connection with it, either free or paid. 

k. Site: UNTOLD website, respectively 

l. TCG: These General Terms and Conditions governing the conduct of the Festival, available both on the Site (as defined above) and at all entries in the Festival Area. 

m. Third parties: individuals and legal entities other than UNTOLD, visitors or ticket buyers. 

n. Festival area: any of the locations where the Festival takes place. 



3.1 These General Terms and Conditions (TCG) present the obligations arising from participation in the Festival and the relationships established between UNTOLD and the Participants during the Festival. The Participants are required to respect them, and the application of the TCG is essential for ensuring the safety and comfort of the Festival.

3.2 The TCG must be read together with the Privacy and Cookies Policy. The TCG will be posted on both the website and at the entrance of the Festival.

3.3 These TCG outline the rights and obligations arising from receiving an Order Confirmation, purchasing Products, and participating in the Festival and the relationships established between Untold and the Buyer and Participants.

3.4 By purchasing Products or participating in the Festival, Buyers of Products and Participants accept and agree to comply with:

  • The TCG and any obligations and responsibilities associated with them. Any Buyer of a Product and Participant who violates the TCG may be liable for legal actions, refusal of entry to the Festival, and/or removal from the Festival premises.
  • Security measures, notifications, requests, or announcements provided by the Police, Security Personnel, or agents representing any of the Associated Entities, including, without limitation, all instructions or announcements regarding access and security at the Festival.
  • All national laws and regulations.

3.5 The Buyer and Participant agree to indemnify the Organizer for any damages, losses, liabilities, or harm that these parties may suffer or may incur as a result of the non-compliance with these TCG by the Buyer and Participant.



4.1 Visitors are admitted to the Festival at the times and according to the conditions specified by the organizer in this regulation. By purchasing a valid Ticket each Participant acquires the right to participate in the Festival, having the obligation to know their rights and obligations within it. 


4.2  Participation at the Festival shall be made by using one of the Following types of Tickets: 

  1. Standard Passes (General Access) – grant the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire duration of the Festival starting from the first day, at 16:00 P.M and until the end of the Festival (05:00 AM). 
  2. VIP Passes – grant the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire duration of the Festival, starting from the first day, at 16:00 P.M. and until the end of the Festival (05:00 AM). Holders of VIP Passes benefit from access to a specially designed area with bars with premium beverage options. Access to the Festival for holders of VIP Passes is made through a special entrance.

Important! Access of persons under 18 years of age in the VIP area is strictly prohibited. Contractual partners operating VIP platforms have the right to request minimum consumption for certain areas on the platform. 

  1. One-day tickets – they secure Authorized Participant’s access to all the Festival scenes on that day, from 16:00 p.m to 05:00 a.m on the next day, when the Ticket becomes invalid and the Participant no longer has access to the Festival.
  2. UNDER 25 SUBSCRIPTION - guarantee access to the Festival for the entire period of its duration to the Participant who meets the conditions of the "UNDER 25" program.

The participants' data in the Registration Campaign will be treated confidentially and will not be shared with third parties outside those involved in the organisation of the Campaign. By completing the form, the participant expresses consent for the collection and use of personal data in accordance with the specified purpose.

Participants have all the rights conferred by the Privacy Policy, including the right to unsubscribe. If the participant recommends three other individuals, they confirm that they have obtained the consent of the mentioned individuals to be contacted and to have their data used for the purpose of the campaign, being responsible for the manner in which this data is used.


Products from the Under 25 Program are dedicated to and available only to people who meet the following conditions:

  1. The person purchasing this subscription will not turn 25 years old until the first day of the Festival, respectively 08.08.2024.
  2. Is enrolled in a form of education in Romania and can prove enrollment in a form of education in Romania by presenting a document attesting to this fact (booklet, certificate, etc.) and the identity card to be able to verify the person's name and age .
  3. At the time of the festival, the buyer of the subscription will present himself at the point marked "Credentials", located within the festival, from where he will directly pick up his festival participation wristband by presenting his identity card and card or certificate proving his pupil/student status ( the certificate from which the Personal Numerical Code (CNP) will be deleted by any method that ensures the indecipherability of the CNP, for example erasing it with a marker).
  4. If the owner of the purchased Under 25 season ticket cannot prove that he is eligible, he will pay the difference between the full price of the season ticket and the price paid for the season ticket within the promotion. Otherwise, access to the perimeter of the Festival will not be allowed.
  5. These subscriptions are offered on a program basis and are subject to availability. Prices are displayed in the Tickets section of the website.



4.3. Participation in the Festival can also be made using one of the following types of invitations (which will be considered similar to Tickets): 

  1. Standard Invitations (General Access) – guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival for the entire period of its development, starting from the first day from 16.00 PM and until the end of the Festival (05.00). 
  2. VIP Invitations – guarantees the Authorized Participant access to the Festival from the first day from 16.00 PM until the end of the Festival (05.00). Holders of VIP invitations have access to a specially designed area with bars with premium beverage options. Access to the festival for holders of VIP invitations is through a special entrance. 

Important! Access to persons under the age of 18 in the VIP area is strictly prohibited. Contractual partners operating VIP platforms have the right to request minimum consumption for certain areas on the platform. 

  1. One-day invitations – they secure Authorized Participant’s access to all the Festival scenes on that day, from 16:00 p.m to 05:00 a.m on the next day, when the Ticket becomes invalid and the Participant no longer has access to the Festival. 



4.4 The Organizer provides, through the website, a range of products that include services and accommodations or various packages that will be offered in collaboration with our contractual partners. Additional information regarding the detailed conditions applicable to the purchase of these Services will be provided by our contractual Partners upon the purchase of the Services. Buyers of accommodation services must also comply with the rules and regulations of the purchased accommodation venue.

4.5. The buyer of tickets / subscriptions has the obligation not to display online images of the tickets / season tickets purchased. A ticket / subscription provides access for one person to the Festival. 

4.6. It is strictly forbidden to sell or buy invitations. 

4.7. We encourage people who enter the Festival Area using an invitation to donate a sum of money (in the places that will be reported for this purpose), an amount that will be used for charitable purposes, described in the specially arranged locations. 

4.8. Tickets provide access to only one person in the Festival. 

4.9. The organiser reserves the right to modify the list of artists participating in the festival, both before and throughout the event of the Untold Festival. Tickets purchased for participation in the entire event day as well as season tickets, give the buyer access to the festival perimeter and not to a specific show / artist. 

4.10. Each location, within the scope of the festival, has a limited capacity and access may be temporarily restricted to meet the safety regulations in force. 

4.11. Standard tickets / subscriptions can be modified into VIP tickets / subscriptions, with the payment of a price difference, within the limits of the available stocks. 

4.12. In the case of the price of a note expressed in EURO, the reference exchange rate was set at 5.0000 RON as of August 8, 2023, at 08:52:24, of Banca Transilvania. 

4.13. The Organizer reserves the right to change the exchange rate and the price of Tickets without the need for prior notification. Changing the ticket price does not apply to tickets already purchased at the time of the change.


"Priority Lane" consists of purchasing a service that allows access to the festival through a dedicated area, different from general access.

4.14.1. Terms. In order to benefit from this service, the customer must cumulatively meet the following conditions:

a) Have a valid ticket for the 2024 edition of the Untold festival (One-day ticket, General Access), and if the ticket is Anytime, have the 2024 edition confirmed

b) To have Online Check-In completed

c) The service is available for all age groups. Minors under the age of 7 can access this area for free with the companion who has purchased this service. All persons over the age of 7 are required to present proof of purchase of this service upon entering the access area. In the absence of product presentation, access through the "Priority lane" area will not be allowed.

4.14.2. The steps the participant takes to benefit from this service are:

a. The purchase is made on the website

b. The holder chooses the Priority Lane service and fills in the necessary data for the purchase (nominal? if so, what data do we require?)

c. After confirming the data and accepting the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, the Customer clicks on the "Pay Now" button and is redirected to the payment page.

d. After successful payment, an order confirmation email is sent.

e. After picking up the festival wristband, the participant goes to the Priority Lane area, where he will present the document dedicated to the Priority Lane for scanning.

4.14.3.  Availability. The organizer provides a limited number of 1000 "Priority Lane" products for each day of the Festival. Availability can be changed by the Organizer in the sense of supplementing them within the limit of available places.

4.14.4. Use: This product can be used only once and is only valid for the day for which it was purchased, as highlighted on the website. The participant has the option to select between day 1, 2, 3 or 4 of the Festival. For example, a Priority Lane product purchased for day 1 cannot be used on day 3.

4.14.5. The price. The value of the product is that indicated on the website. The prices displayed within the platform are in RON currency and include VAT. The prices are valid at the time of accessing the page where they are displayed, the Organizer reserving the right to change them at any time, without any prior notice or notification. Payment can be made exclusively online with the card through the payment processor service. Once the order is placed and confirmed, it cannot be canceled and the amount of money paid will not be refunded, regardless of whether the product has been used or not.

4.14.6. Important points: This product does not guarantee entry within a certain time frame or a shorter waiting time by using this access path.

4.14.7. Support: For any questions or unforeseen situations that arise, the ticket holder can contact us at the email address: [email protected]



4.15. It is strictly forbidden to transmit or post a unique series of tickets and / or subscriptions on social networks or other websites of this kind (e.g Facebook, OLX). 

Failure to comply with these provisions will result in the cancellations of the commercialized invitations and the prohibition of access to the festival by the responsible persons. 

4.16 IMPORTANT! Selling or buying invitations is strictly prohibited, and purchasing tickets or subscriptions is not recommended except through authorized ticket sales platforms ( or any other authorized platforms, referred to as Contractual Partners).

THE ORGANIZER CANNOT GUARANTEE THE VALIDITY OF ANY TICKETS NOT PURCHASED THROUGH THESE CONTRACTUAL PARTNERS. IN CASE OF ANY FRAUD RELATED TO A TICKET, THE ORGANIZER RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CANCEL THAT TICKET (even if the possessor of a fraudulent ticket managed to complete the check-in or transfer process). The Organizer will assess whether it is within its authority to take action regarding that ticket or if it falls under the competence of public authorities.


The Organizer reserves the right to resort to legal means to sanction those who will be found to carry out such activities, as well as to cancel the respective Tickets / season tickets. 

4.17. Tickets and / or season tickets purchased may be used for commercial purposes, such as for organizing promotional campaigns, offering tickets and / or season tickets as prizes for competitions, etc., only with the prior written consent of the Organizer. Failure to comply with this obligation will lead to the cancellation of tickets and / or season tickets used for commercial purposes and oblige the persons responsible to repair the damage thus created. At the same time, the organization of promotional campaigns by using the tickets and / or season tickets to the Festival, without the prior written consent of the Organizer, constitutes the infringement of the intellectual property rights regarding the UNTOLD Brand. 


4.18. Tickets are not sold to Authorized Participants directly by the UNTOLD company, and their payment is not processed directly by UNTOLD. The ticket authorizing the participation in the relevant festival is sold to the Buyer by the Extasy platform or other Contracting Partners (as this right is transferred by UNTOLD). All payments are made through the Contracting Partners. The organizer guarantees only the validity of the tickets sold through the networks of these Contracting Partners. 

4.19. Additional information regarding the detailed conditions applicable to the purchase of Tickets online or in physical format will be provided by our Contracting Partners when purchasing the goods. 

4.20. Our Contractual partners sell Tickets at fixed locations, on the ticket purchase interfaces online. 

4.21. The Buyer / Consumer will receive information form the Contracting Partners especially regarding the following aspects: taxes and commissions applied to the price established by Untold, payment and methods of making the payment, invoicing, data processing of the Buyer / Consumer and possibilities of repayment, to the extent in which they exist. 

4.22. The tickets accepted by the Organizer can be in physical format or in electronic format (eTickets) which are sent to you in the form of a QR code in My Wallet in your personal account, in an e-mail or printed on paper, which each The Participant is obliged to bring it with him to the event or present it in the original in electronic format (on a phone, tablet or other electronic devices that allow this). Careful! Pictures taken with the tickets are not accepted! Most of the customers of Contractual Partners receive tickets within 3-5 minutes after the payment is successfully completed. If your ticket has not arrived by e-mail after 24 hours from placing the order, you must contact the platform from which you purchased the ticket within 10 days of purchasing the ticket, but no later than one day before the start of the Festival. UNTOLD is not responsible in any way for this kind of situations, and in the absence of a valid ticket, access to the Festival will not be allowed.



4.22.1. The final price paid by the Buyer will consist of the base price of the ticket and in addition it will also include the administration and processing fees, the Red Cross stamp fee of 1%, monument stamp and the fees for the collective management bodies. 

4.22.2. Untold is not responsible for the administration and processing fees that may differ depending on the platform from which the tickets are purchased and the Contractual Partners from which the consumer / buyer purchases the goods. Untold can not be held responsible for extra services offered by Contractual Partners. 



4.23.1. The additional Risk Free service is offered by UNTOLD. The company undertakes to return the equivalent value of the access ticket to the buyer, in case of: 

i) requesting it within the term provided in art. 4.23.2 and 

ii) in case of non-appearance at the event and 

iii) to the extent that the buyer has opted for this service and paid the related fees, under the following conditions: 

4.23.2 The buyer can request, at any time, the reimbursement of the equivalent value of the purchased Risk Free ticket, but not later than 14 days before the start of the event, date which will be announced by the  Organiser.

4.23.3. UNTOLD undertakes to return EXCLUSIVELY the value of the ticket, without the Risk Free fee (established by the organiser in the range of 10-25 Euro) within a maximum of 30 days from the time of the request, if the request was made on time. 

4.24. With the exception of the situation provided at art. 4.22, the money spent for Tickets purchased for this event shall not be returned, as the purchase of tickets to shows is exempted from the right of withdrawal regulated by OUG 34/2014. If the UNTOLD Festival scheduled for August 3-6, 2023 is postponed or canceled due to circumstances created by the coronavirus pandemic or other external events that are not within the will of the Organizer and makes it impossible to conduct the event under normal conditions or capacity, the Organizer can not be held responsible for this, but the tickets purchased will be valid for the rescheduled edition of the Festival. 

4.25. The Organizer shall not be liable for the loss or theft of the Ticket and / or the pass. The Organizer is not required to refund the amount of money or to replace the Ticket and / or the pass in case of loss or theft of the Ticket and / or the pass. 

4.26. The Client expressly gives his consent for the Organizer to request and process the Buyer's home or residence address in order to send the festival access bracelet directly to the indicated address, in order to ensure in a more pleasant and efficient way access to the Festival. The Organizer reserves the right to offer this option to Buyers for a fee, as an alternative to the option of picking up the wristband at the location announced by the Organizer on the eve of or during the Festival. If this service will be available, the Organizer will complete this section. 


4.27.1. Registration for the campaign is automatically completed for anyone who has purchased at least one ticket or subscription for the UNTOLD Festival 2024, as follows:

  1. If the Participant has purchased a ticket or a subscription to the UNTOLD Festival, they will automatically receive an email to the address used for the purchase, containing a unique code. 
  2. The unique code is valid for 10 calendar days from the moment it is sent by the Organizer.
  3. The unique code can be used exclusively for the purchase of GENERAL ACCESS category subscriptions - 4 days (for clarity, the campaign does not apply to the purchase of Under 25, Friendship Pack or similar products).
  4. The unique code can be used for a maximum of 10 orders (which may include multiple products per order). Regardless of the number of subscriptions purchased per order, the Participant will receive the equivalent in the form of top-up for a maximum of 10 products (subscriptions) purchased.
  5. For each of the 10 subscriptions purchased, the Participant will receive a top-up voucher worth 10 euros for each subscription. This top-up voucher can be used to purchase products at the UNTOLD Festival 2024 by using the bracelet for payment.

4.27.2. The amounts will be loaded onto the Participant's bracelet only after the purchase of the products has been made, and the payment has been collected by the Organizer. Loading the due amount onto the bracelet will take place until May 31, 2024.

4.27.3. The maximum amount a Participant can win through these recommendations is 100 euros in the form of top-up.

4.27.4. The Participant is obligated to use this amount in full at the UNTOLD Festival 2024, as the sums cannot be reported for future editions of the Festival and cannot be withdrawn at the end of the event (in whole or in part). Thus, any amounts obtained by the Participant in the campaign that remain unspent will not be refunded at the end of the Event through online refund or at the venue. In the event that for any reason the UNTOLD Festival does not take place in the year 2024, the Participant shall not be entitled to the payment equivalent in lei of the value of the amounts won or to any other form of compensation.

4.27.5. The cash equivalent of the voucher obtained in this Campaign cannot be granted, and these prizes cannot be exchanged.

4.27.6. From the moment the amounts are loaded onto the Participant's bracelet, the Organizer is released from any obligation to the Participant.



5.1. In order to be granted access to the Festival Area, the holder of a valid access Ticket has the obligation to make the check-in for the purchased Ticket. The Ticket buyer can check in using two options: online or on-site (at the location). 

5.2. The Check-in can be done for a fee on-site (at the entrance of the Festival Perimeter) or free of charge under certain conditions set out by the present TCG in the online environment (on the website or through the Untold application). 

5.3 On-site check-in (at the location of the event). 

5.3.1 The on-site check-in will be carried out by the Contracting Partners of the organizer, who use the infrastructure and their own staff.!!!Attention: On-site check-in will be possible every day of the festival between 15:00 P.M. – 04:00 A.M., and will allow access to the festival, with the wristband, from 16:00 PM until 04:00 A.M.

5.3.2. The on-site check-in will be done in all situations for a fee at the Ticketing point, where they will get the bracelet after presenting the ticket. The fee for the on-site check-in service is EUR 25, and is paid at the time the buyer presents himself with the original  identity document. 

5.3.3. Attention!!! The scanning of the identity document (identity card / passport) is done only partially, being collected only data consisting of: name, first name, sex, country / place of origin, date of birth, nationality, and photo on the identity document, without the retention of data such as: personal numeric code, serial number and bulletin number or any other sensitive data. For more details on the personal data that are processed by the Organizer please read our Privacy Policy. 

5.3.4. If the Ticket holder does not wish to have his identity document scanned, an operator will record the data provided by the person concerned, based on the identity document originally present on the spot. 

5.3.5. Each valid Ticket holder, who checked in and showed up at the Festival Zone entrance, receives a wristband (whose colour is according to the type of the purchased Ticket) to which the data collected in the process are attached, check-in. After performing the process of changing the Ticket with a Wristband, Wristband will confer the rights and obligations provided by the Ticket. 

5.3.6. Untold will register the Visitor’s wristband, during the entrance procedure, provided that the Visitor has validly checked the Ticket. 

5.3.7. Wristbands are non-transmissible. 

5.3.8 Visitors have the obligation to wear the Wristbands, for the duration of their validity, on the wrist or, in exceptional and well-justified cases, in another visible place, provided that the Wristband cannot be removed without being damaged. The festival organisers can inspect the Wristbands at the entrance, at the exit and throughout the entire scope of the Festival, for the entire duration of the Festival. 

5.3.9. The visitor is fully responsible for any damage or loss of the Wristband. 

5.3.10. Damaged bracelets, which have been resealed or cut, whose locking system has been opened, those with a diameter larger than the wrist or in which they have intervened, are NOT valid, and the organisers reserve the right to retain them in this way, to deny people access to the festival and to claim the situation of the competent authorities. 

5.3.11. Untold will not replace the damaged or lost Wristbands unless the Participant can prove that proof of purchase, of the ticket, correlated with that Wristband legally. Participants who cannot make this proof lose their right to be in the Festival Area, being excluded from it. 

5.3.12. In the event of loss, deterioration of any kind of the Wristband, the Participant is obliged to purchase a new Ticket for that day if he wishes to remain within the scope of the Festival. 

5.3.13.  If the Wristband appears to have been fraudulently damaged, the Organizer has the right, in addition to the rights provided in art. 5.3.9, to oblige the Participant to purchase a one-day Ticket, regardless of whether the Participant can prove the purchase of a ticket legally and regardless of whether or not he wishes to remain in the Festival Area. This right can be exercised in a discretionary manner, and depending on the availability of tickets for that Day. 

5.3.14. If, upon access to the Festival Area, the Ticket holder is suspected of illegally acquiring the Ticket, Untold expressly reserves the right to request the Ticket holder to present evidence (documents and / or certificates) to verify the legal acquisition or acquisition to the Ticket, as well as the right to evaluate whether they are valid and compliant, and the absence of a satisfactory document or certificate, it reserves the right to invalidate the Ticket without any obligation to reimburse the purchase price and to refuse the entry to the respective person in the Festival Area. 

5.4. Check-in online 

5.4.1. The Online Check-in process the registration / assignment of a valid ticket in an account created by the Visitor, through the site or the Untold application and the provision of personal data request for this purpose. The online check-in process is free only in the first 30 days from the purchase of the ticket, after which a fee of 15 EURO will be charged. Untold encourages all Buyers to check in online at the time of purchase of the ticket to avoid paying additional fees and to ensure smooth access to the festival. Payment of the online check-in fee will be made through secure payment platforms. 

5.4.2. The 30 days of free online Check-in are calculated starting with the day the subscription was purchased. 

For example: if the customer purchased a subscription on 31.10, he has the opportunity to check In Online for free until including 29.11. 

Online Check-In for tickets purchased offline - Partners

5.4.3 The process to claim the ticket purchased offline is done by entering the personal profile and entering the electronic code in the Redeem section. After activating the code, the holder will receive the ticket in the My Wallet section and by email. 

5.4.4. Check-in is free for the first 30 days after purchasing the ticket. After this term, the user must pay the 15 Euro fee for each Check-In performed. The platform will automatically indicate how many days are left of the free period and the amount of the Check-In fee.

5.4.5 If, after claiming the ticket, the holder is no longer able to arrive at the festival, he has the option to transfer the ticket to another person, applying the Transfer and Online Check-In provisions of this document. 

Online check-in for tickets purchased online

5.4.6 To carry out the online check-in, the holder of a ticket must log in to the account from which he made the purchase and access the My Wallet section where the purchased tickets will be displayed. The holder will have to select the ticket for which he is going to perform the Online Check-in and follow the indicated steps.

5.4.7 The user can check-in for free in the first 30 days after purchasing the ticket.

5.4.8 In the situation where the User is no longer in the free period (the first 30 days after purchasing the ticket), in order to perform the Check-in, he will have to pay the equivalent of 15 Euros. If a user has purchased several tickets, he will have to pay the fee of 15 Euros, for each individual ticket.

5.4.9 After selecting the ticket, the user must upload a photo (identity card type) and fill in the following data: name, surname, phone number, e-mail, gender, date of birth, country, city, county.

5.4.10 Users who are not yet 18 years old are required to download and complete the Parental Consent form.

5.4.11 At the time of Online Check-in, the Visitor is solely responsible for the correctness of the data entered. The organizer has the right to check on the spot whether the data entered by the visitor correspond to the data on his identity card.

5.4.12 At the latest at the time of the Online Check-in, the User acknowledges and agrees with the Terms and Conditions of the Festival, displayed on the website

5.4.13 If the user has purchased several tickets and wants to check in for the other tickets as well, he can do so by entering the data of the people who will use the tickets for each ticket separately. The holder of the group of tickets is directly and solely responsible for the correctness of the data entered and will obtain consent from each person for whom they check in that they have read, understood and agree to the Untold Terms and Conditions and regarding the Privacy Policy.



6.1. The transfer of a ticket implies the transmission of the product by its current owner to another person who will take over the rights and obligations arising from its use.

6.2. Once the holder chooses to transfer the ticket to another person, he accepts and undertakes to waive all rights he had in the ticket. 

6.3. Check-in is free for the first 30 days after purchasing the ticket. After this term, the user must pay the 15 Euro fee for each Check-in performed.

6.4. The transfer of the ticket is carried out for a fee from 21.06.2024. Until this date the transfer service is free. Transfer costs are as follows:

  • General Access 4-day subscription - 75 lei
  • General Access 1-day ticket - 35 lei
  • VIP 4-day subscription - 150 lei
  • VIP One-day ticket - 75 lei
  • Invitation General Access 4-day subscription - 250 lei 
  • Invitation General Access 1-day ticket - 150 lei
  • VIP invitation 4-day subscription - 250 lei
  • VIP invitation One-day ticket - 150 lei

6.5. The transfer is possible for tickets with or without Online Check-In.

A. Transfer for tickets without Online Check-In:

To make the transfer, the ticket holder must log in to his account and select the Transfer button, subsequently being automatically directed to the form for completing the information of the person to whom the transfer is made.

B. Transfer for tickets with online Check-In:

To make the transfer, the ticket holder must log in to their account and delete the Check-In free of charge. After deletion, the owner will select the Transfer button and is directed to the form to fill in the information of the person to whom the transfer is made. 

6.6. In both situations, after the transfer by the old owner, the new owner will have to follow all the steps to complete the online check-in for the transferred ticket, free of charge or for a fee, based on the number of days since the purchase of the ticket. If the period of 30 days from the purchase has been exceeded, the new owner who receives the ticket will pay the 15 Euro fee.

6.7. If the ticket holder has deleted the Check-In but no longer wishes to transfer the ticket, the provisions related to making a new Check-In remain valid.

6.8. To carry out the Ticket Transfer, the holder will have to fill in the data of the person who will receive the ticket (name, surname, telephone). 

6.9 A ticket that has both Online Check In and Online Top Up cannot be edited or transferred! 

6.10. The only ticket transfer mechanism from one holder to another authorized and recognized by the Organizer is this, through the official platform.  Pictures on QR codes are not accepted!

611. Access to the event will be based on an identity document (identity card or passport) and the ticket with a valid QR/code.

6.12. For information and support, the user can send an email to [email protected].


7.1. Online Top Up is a service provided by the festival to users and involves the action through which a user who has validly made their online Check-in can upload their ticket by online payment, and that amount will be transferred to their wristband. 

7.2. Online TOP UP can only be made with cards with activated 3D Secure. 

Pre-Festival Online Top Up – for users who have already made their Check-in 

7.3. Top Up Online is a service offered by the Festival to users, and involves the action by which a user, who has made the online check-in on a ticket and a 3D Secure bank card, is activated. 

7.4. For performing their online top-up, the festival goer has to complete the following steps: 

a. After successfully completing their Online Check-in, the user will have the option to deposit money on their ticket, by selecting the TOP UP Service.

b. The user has to fill into the “Deposit on your ticket” field the amount of money they wish to deposit on their ticket:

Minimum 50 lei/ transaction

Maximum 5000 / transaction

Maximum 10.000 total top-up

c. After entering the amount the user wishes to deposit on their Wristband, they have to select the Deposit button.

d. The user will be transferred to a secure payment page, where they will have to enter their card details and 3D Secure verification code. 

e. After successfully making the payment, the user will be able to view the total amount deposited on the ticket, but also the amount of money that will be activated. 

7.5. After completing the online Top Up, the amount of money on the Wristband will have to be activated at any of the traders inside the Festival or at Credit Points, by pressing key 7 on the SOP. 

7.6. After activating the top up, the User can spend the money in the festival, at any time, during the entire period of the festival. 

7.7. If the user has spent all his money, he can repeat the same steps described above to reload his Wristband or move to any loading point – credit Point inside the Festival. 

7.8. During the festival, the user has the option of auto-top up. If this option is active, when the credit gets below 100 lei, the user’s festival account is automatically loaded with another 100 lei. Upon successful completion of the transaction, the user will receive a confirmation email. 

Top Up Online during the festival – for users without Check-In Online 

7.9. A festival goer who has not checked in online, can benefit from the Top Up Online service, if he creates an account in the Untold application / site, using the same email address from which he purchased the ticket. When creating the account from the email address from which the ticket was purchased, the data for the online check-in will be automatically filled with the data that the festival has provided at the check-in at the location. 

7.10. After completing these steps, the user will be able to top up online, following the steps described above. 



8.1. Entrance to the Festival is possible only through the established places and times, exclusively for the authorized Participants. 

8.2. Access to the Festival Area is made only at the specially arranged entrances, in compliance with the procedures for registering the purchased Tickets, the check-in and access rules, provided by the present TCG. 

8.3. In order to reduce the congestion created in the access zone, as well as the discomfort of the participants, two entries per day will be allowed to the festival. 

8.4. Access to the Festival Area will be made according to the type of ticket purchased. 

8.5. The participants have the obligation that, besides the Ticket, they have identity cards on them. 

8.6. At the request of the security team or representatives of the Organizer or other competent bodies or authorities, the Participant has the obligation to present the access documents and identity documents. 

8.7. The present TCG will be displayed in a visible place at the entrance to the festival and in other public areas within the festival. 

8.8. In order to ensure the safe running of the Festival, Untold reserves the right to restrict the type of objectives and devices that may be brought to the Festival area. 

This list is not exhaustive, the Organizer having the right to prohibit access to the festival to the extent that the object owned by the participant could endanger the safety of other participants or present a danger to the safe conduct of the event. 


Therefore, it is forbidden to enter the Festival with the following items: 

  • Drugs or any kind of psychoactive substances;
  • Accessories for 
  • Bottles (including but not limited to PERFUMES, sprays or deodorants);
  • Flammable cosmetic products (beach cream is allowed);
  • Backpacks or purses larger than 29 cm x 21 cm x 12 cm;
  • Beverage cans;
  • Preserves;
  • Fireworks; 
  • Lasers;
  • Sprays or corrosive/flammable substances, paints or containers with harmful or flammable substances;
  • Banners supported by sticks;
  • Chairs;
  • Weapons or any objects capable of being adapted as weapons or projectiles;
  • Knives, blunt objects or any sharp-pointed or sharp-edged objects;
  • Chains or items that have chains attached (such as wallet, pants, etc.);
  • Torches, smoke detectors or any other pyrotechnic articles;
  • Food or drinks;
  • Animals;
  • Umbrellas of any kind or shape (in case of rain, capes will be used);
  • Flammable or explosive materials;
  • Professional cameras or video cameras, including any type of DSLR or camera with detachable lenses;
  • Any type of objects that may injure other Participants.
  • Drones;
  • Speakers, amplifiers or audio systems;
  • Sound-producing devices, electronically, mechanically or manually operated, such as megaphones or vuvuzelas, musical instruments;
  • Selfie stick or tripod;
  • Lasers!
  • Any substance that is flammable; 
  • Any offensive, racist, xenophobic, sexual, religious, political or other illegal/prohibited material, discriminatory propaganda messages;


8.8.1 Access is allowed with: 

  • Compact cameras;
  • Lighters;
  • GoPro cameras;
  • Selfie sticks (small in size and made of light materials);
  • External, portable batteries;
  • Lipsticks or lip balm;
  • Beach cream;
  • Non-flammable perfume or deodorant in containers smaller than 50ml. 
  • Baby bottles.


8.8.2. Access with: prescription medicines, insulin, drops - medical use, asthma inhaler spray is allowed only if they are accompanied by a medical letter or any other document replacing it and in the maximum amount recommended daily. 

8.9. Due to the very strict rules regarding the prohibited objects, the persons responsible for security and monitoring of the Festival will thoroughly search each Participant and any prohibited objects discovered after the verification will be stopped at the gate, without the Organizer assuming responsibility for them. 

8.10. All Participants are advised to consult the list of prohibited objects and not to hold such objects in the Festival. 

8.11. Regarding the lost objects, the Organizer will arrange a special space where such objects can be brought and from which each owner can recover his goods within 72 hours, but not later than the first day after the Festival ends – time 10:00 AM. 

8.12. The organizer has the possibility, but not the obligation, to photograph the lost objects and to expose them on social networks, as the case may be, insofar as this action would not violate the legal norms regarding the protection of personal data. 

8.13. After the first day after the end of the Festival, at 10:00 AM, all unclaimed items will be handed over to their issuers (for example: identity card, birth certificate, etc. to the attention of the Municipal Police; bank cards to the issuing bank’s attention). Objects without identifiable issuer, regardless of value, will be donated for charitable purposes, as far as possible and depending on the nature of the objects. 

8.14. The Organizer is not responsible for the goods of the Participants or for any damage caused to them. 

8.15. Entrance by car, rollers, skateboards, bicycles, hoverboards and other similar goods is forbidden in the Festival Area. 

8.16. For the convenience of the participants, the organizer reserves the right to temporarily stop access to certain areas, if he considers that the areas have reached their maximum authorized capacity. 



9.1. The consumption of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and drugs is forbidden to minors. 

9.2. Minors will receive Wristbands of a different color, which will allow them to be easier to identify. 

9.3. Minors under 7 years old have free access to the Festival, in the company of a parent. At the request of the persons responsible for security and monitoring, as well as of the representatives of the Organizer, the attendant is obliged to present documents (student card, passport or any other document containing the minor’s picture) that attest the minor’s age. 

9.4. Attention! Access of minors under the age of 7 is allowed only in the company of a parent and is recommended to be done by 19:00. 

9.4.1. The access of minors between 7-14 years will be made only on the basis of a valid Ticket and only in the company of a parent. 

9.4.2. A parent may accompany a single minor under the age of 14 years. 

9.5. The access of minors between 14-18 years old will be made only on the basis of valid Ticket, the ID and the Commitment Statement.

9.6.1. An adult is required to assume responsibility for a minor and is required to complete and sign the “Declaration of Commitment” available at, without which the child will not be allowed to enter the Festival Area, regardless of whether or not he has an attendant. 

9.6.2. The responsible person will provide in the commitment statement contact details to which he can be contacted in emergency cases. 

9.6.3. The Organizer assumes no responsibility regarding the verification of signatures, respectively the way of signing the declarations, these aspects remaining in the burden / responsibility of the persons presenting the statements. 

9.7. In some areas of the Festival, the access of minors under 18 is strictly forbidden (for example : VIP area). 

9.8. Due to the very loud noise produced  during the Festival, the Organizer does not recommend the presence of children under 7 years old at the Festival. 

9.9. Minors under 4 years old must wear antiphonal headphones. 

9.10. Exceptional situations when discounts / gratuities are granted to a certain category of minors or other Participants, will be reported on the site (eg e-Tickets), and are sent to you as an attached PDF in an email that each Participant has the obligation to print it out and bring it with you to the event, or present the ticket in electronic format (on your phone, tablet or other electronic devices that allow this) when you check in at the location. 

Most Contracting Partner customers receive PDF tickets or QR codes within approximately 3-5 minutes after payment is successfully completed. If your ticket did not arrive by email within 24 hours of placing your order, you must contact the platform from which you purchased the ticket and resolve this issue within 10 days of purchasing the ticket, but no later than one day in advance. from the beginning of the Festival. UNTOLD is not responsible in any way for such situations, and in the absence of a ticket, it will not be possible to allow access to the Festival. 

9.11 In the case of individuals with disabilities classified into a disability category, they and their companions (if the need for a companion has been established by an evaluation committee and can be proven by a document issued by an authorised entity or has been included in the disability registration certificate), benefit from the following facilities within the limit of 150 passes for the 4 days of the festival:

a) Children with disabilities and their established companions benefit from a free pass for the 4 days of the festival.

b) Adults with severe disabilities and their established companions benefit from a free pass for the 4 days of the festival.

c) Adults with moderate disabilities benefit from a free pass for the 4 days of the festival.

9.12 To benefit from the free passes, adults with disabilities (or in the case of minors, their legal representatives) must send a request expressing their desire to participate in the festival and a self-declaration indicating their disability status to the address [email protected]. In the case of requesting a pass for a companion, the Organizer may request additional documents to prove that the companion has been established according to the law. If individuals with disabilities are granted a pass for the 4 days of the festival, they will receive an email confirmation from the Organizer. These individuals are subsequently required to present their original disability classification certificate and identification card for verification at the designated access point mentioned in the confirmation email.

9.13. The free access of persons with special needs is made only on the basis of the identity document, the certificate of inclusion in the degree of disability and the confirmation received by email from the Organizer. 

9.14. Incomplete application and / or requests sent to other email addresses will not be considered.

9.15. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse access to the festival for persons with disabilities who do not present these documents in the original, as well as if the representatives of the Organizer have justified doubts about the validity or authenticity of the presented documents. 

9.16. The registration period in order to benefit from the gratuity for the 2024 edition, provided in art. 9.11 is 01.12.2023 – 31.03.2024. All requests submitted outside this period will not be considered. 

9.17. Taking into account that this facility can only be granted within a limited number of places, taking into account the total capacity of the Festival as well as the safety and security norms, as provided in art 9.11, the gratuity will be granted according to the order of receipt of the applications. 

9.18. At the time and when the number of 150 applications that meet the conditions specified above is reached, the Organizer will show in the present TCG that the maximum number of free tickets granted for persons with disabilities has been reached, and since that time The organizer will no longer will respond to requests addressed in this regard. 

The organizer will respond to these requests within 30 days from the date of formulating the requests. 

9.19. People with serious disabilities are always obliged to come to the Festival for personal safety reasons. 

9.20. The organizer recommends that all minors and persons with disabilities come to the Festival. 

9.21. The Organizer will not be held responsible for any incident or accident concerning minors or persons with disabilities. The entire responsibility for them belongs to minors / persons with disabilities and / or parents / legal representative or caregiver.  

9.22. The organizer draws the attention of the parents / legal representative or persons exercising parental authority to the fact that they have the obligation to supervise the minor and will be held liable for any damage resulting form non-compliance with this obligation. 

9.23. In the attention of people with locomotor problems, who use a wheelchair for traveling: only in certain areas of the Festival are provided entrances with wheelchair facilities, these being marked on the Festival map. 

For the UNTOLD 2024 Edition, the maximum number of free tickets allocated for people with disabilities has been reached.


10.1. In the Festival Areas, visitors have the obligation to refrain from all actions, statements or behavior that may endanger the life, health or physical integrity of other persons or which may violate their personal rights. 

10.2. Any form of economic, commercial or advertising activity in the Festival Area – including in the area in front of the Festival gates – is prohibited without the prior written permission of Untold. If the Organizers find that such activities are carried out within the scope of the festival, they reserve the right to remove the persons concerned and to prohibit their access to the festival. 

10.3. The sale of alcoholic beverages must comply with the provisions of the law, and so such drinks may be offered to minors under the age of 18 and to persons who are intoxicated by any seller within the Festival. The organizer’s Business Partners will serve drinks (soft drinks or alcohol) exclusively in open containers (aluminum or plastic). 

10.4. The use of substances qualified as drugs is banned in the festival area and is punishable by law. The organizer reserves the right to cut and deactivate the wristband of the participant who violates this provision, to remove it from the festival premises and to no longer allow it access, requesting the intervention of the competent authorities. 

10.5. UNTOLD reserves the right to introduce a system at the Festival where alcohol can be offered to the Visitors only if the Visitor concerned presents a certifications or an act stating that he has the right to consume alcohol (e.g the identity card certifying his age). 

10.6. Any demonstration of any kind, not related to the Festival organized by UNTOLD, regardless of the number of participants, is prohibited, unless Untold has given prior written approval in this regard. This approval is granted by Untold at his free choice, based on the prior request of the organizer of the respective demonstration. If an approval is obtained, the participants are obliged to comply with the present TCG and to behave in a way that does not disturb, prevent, limit or make the entertainment of other ability to exit the Festival area, as well as the use of Services and / or Products by other Visitors. 

10.7. UNTOLD has the right to terminate the demonstration (both those authorized in accordance with the above and those not expressly authorized). Without giving a reason in this regard Untold has the right to determine the conditions of the demonstrations, in particular the number of participants, their location and duration, at their free choice. If Untold declares the conclusion of a particular demonstration, participants are obliged to immediately stop the demonstration. If UNTOLD sets conditions for an authorized or recognized demonstration as described above, participants are required to fully comply with these conditions. 

10.8. In the Festival Area, authorized and appropriately qualified employees of UNTOLD or its Contracting Partners, as well as the employees or partners of the Partners, will ensure the application of the rules of conduct and safety. Visitors are expressly committed, by virtue of their participation in the respective Festival, that they will fully cooperate with these persons within the limits of the law and will respect their instructions during the Festival in case of emergency or if other significant circumstances (e.g for reasons of public health) justify it. 

10.9.The Festival can use both Free Services and Products and Services and Products for which payment is received. Visitors are obliged to pay all the Services and Products for which payment is received and assume the responsibility for the immediate payment of all prices and purchase fees due. 

10.10. Visitors will make the payment of the Products and Services for which payment is received using the payment methods offered by Untold or the Contracting Partners. If Untold so decides in relation to any area of the Festival, all prices and purchase fees will be payable exclusively by the methods designated by Untold, instead of cash. 



11.1. For security reasons, the Festival Area is supervised with video cameras by the Contracting Partners of Untold. The processing of your personal data taken over the surveillance video cameras takes place whenever you are in the Festival, and by participating at this Festival the Participant explicitly gives his consent for this processing. Also, the concerts as well as the entire festival can be video recorded or photographed by our contractual partners, for marketing and advertising purposes, as mentioned in Chapter XV. 

11.2. The categories of personal data processed, the means, the purposes of the processing, as well as the entire policy of UNTOLD regarding the processing of personal data are found in the Privacy Policy of the UNTOLD 2024 Festival available on in the Privacy Policy section. 

11.3. According to the EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) individuals can exercise the following rights: the right to be informed, the right of access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, the right to object to processing, the rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling. 

11.4. For the exercise of these rights you can address a written request to UNTOLD SRL, dated and signed at [email protected]

11.5. In case you consider that your personal data are processed differently than in accordance with the applicable law, please contact us at the e-mail address – [email protected] or you may also contact the National Supervisory Authority for the Processing of Personal Data Personal (ANSPDCP) at 

11.6. For more details regarding the processing of personal data, we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy on the website. 



12.1. In the Festival Area there will be points from which the Participants may buy the Products and Services made available by the Organizer. 

12.2. In the Festival Area the participants have the obligation to use only the payment methods and instruments established by the Organizer and mentioned in the present T&Cs. 

12.3. The payment method for the Products and Services offered in the Festival Area are the multipurpose vouchers used by means of payment devices (RFID), made available by Untold, Raiffeisen Bank and VISA, through the Festipay service, respectively Bratara. 

12.4. Upon entering the Festival Area, each Participant will receive for access purposes a Bracelet (with the integrated payment system) with which the Participant can purchase the Products and Services available within the Festival. In the Festival Area payments in cash are strictly forbidden, except for the Credit Points areas previously established by the Organizer. 

12.5. These payments instruments are considered as MPVs (multi-purpose vouchers), as defined by the European Commission, due to the fact that in exchange for Credit Points on the Payment instrument, the Participant may purchase services / products that have different VAT rates, in this case, the VAT collection is made when using the credit points. At the same time, the issuance of a fiscal voucher and / or an invoice for the purchased Product / Service is in the responsibility of the merchants, our Contractual Partners. If a Participant wants a tax invoice for the Products / Services purchased during the Festival , he / she has the obligation to keep all the tax receipts from each trader (Contractual Partner) in order to then request the subsequent tax invoice from the respective Contracting Partners. 

12.6. The Organizer has the option to provide the visitors with the proof that the transaction (deposit or withdrawal of funds) was made. 

12.7. The procedure regarding transactions in the electronic system during the Festival is as follows: 

a. Upon entering the Festival Area, after obtaining the Bracelet, it is recommended that each Participant go to one of the Credit Points installed inside the festival to load his Bracelet with credit points.

b. The bracelet will be the only payment method within the Festival.

c. The conversion for this MPV (multi-purpose voucher) is 1 Leu = 1 credit point.

d. For each top-up, the Organizer has the possibility, but not the obligation, to hand to the Participant a proof for the amount deposited on the Bracelet.

e. Damaged bracelets can be disabled and replaced with other bracelets at the Help Desk – Credit Point, located in the Festival Area (near The Temple Stage) for the entire duration of the Festival, taking into account Art. 5.3.11.

f. After obtaining a new Bracelet from the Help Desk – Credit Point, the amount held by the Participant on the damaged Bracelet will be transferred to the new Bracelet.

g. The participants have the opportunity to load their bracelet as many times as they wish, but each topup must have a minimum amount of 1 leu.

h. The participant has the right and the opportunity to check the amount available on the Bracelet at any Contract Partner in the Festival Area or at any Credit point.

i. Bracelet loading / reloading can be done either by cash by cash, via bank card or through the platform (for bank cards issued under the Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro issued by any bank in the world), according to the Chapter “Check-in and Top Up Online” of these T&Cs.

j. In case of bracelet uploads / reloads through the Site, the Participant assumes full responsibility for the card data entered in the platform.

k. At the first payment made with the bank card, the security code 3D Secure will be requested. If the first payment is authorized, the subsequent payments can be made without the 3D Secure security code.

12.9. The online shop https: uses the Transilvania Bank – EuPlatesc services for online transactions. 

12.10. The online payment with your personal or company card can be made under full security conditions. The cards accepted for payment are VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD (including Maestro, if they have CVV2/ CVC 2 codes). 

12.11. Payment is based on a secure online transaction processing system that offers confidentiality, security and simplicity in the purchase of products and services over the Internet. The processing of the card data is done exclusively through the bank. 

12.12. The online store on does not request and does not store any details regarding your card. 

12.13. IMPORTANT!! There is no commission for bank card payments! 

12.14 Purchase of Products / Services form Traders (Contractual Partners): 

a. The Participant chooses the desired Product and then the respective Contracting Partner checks the credit amount in the POS.

b. Each Participant has the obligation to verify the amount introduced by the contracting Partner in the POS and after the verification the Participant will reach the chip on the Bracelet the POS for making the payment – contactless card-reader terminal.

c. The Contracting Partners will have an obligation to issue tax receipts to the Participants clients (and invoices, at the Participant’s request).


XIII. REFUND  - Refund of the money left unspent on the Wristband, at the end of the Festival

13.1. The REFUND process represents the action whereby a Participant recovers his remaining money from the bracelet, under the conditions imposed by the Festival are met. 

13.2. The unused amounts on the RFID bracelet can be exchanged for money, through the process called REFUND, if all the conditions imposed by the Festival are met. 

13.3. Refund can be done in 2 different ways: 


A. Refund on site

13.4.1 Refund the remaining amounts at any of the Credit points from the festival, anytime during the festival period, but not later than the the date and time set by the Organizer and communicated to the participants.. Any request coming after this date and time expressly indicated, will not be taken on consideration by the Organizer. In this situation, the Organizer cannot be held guilty for not restoring the amount to the participant, being the exclusive duty and obligation of the Participant to respect the date and time until he can make the request for the refund of the unspent money on the bracelet. IF the Participant does not make the request within this time limit, he/she is the only one responsible for the non-refund of the money, the Organizer being free of any responsibility for this non-compliance. IN THIS SENSE, WE RECOMMEND THE FESTIVALS TO REQUEST THE REFUND AT THE LATEST WHEN THEY LEAVE THE FESTIVAL IN THEIR LAST DAYS OF PARTICIPATION. 

13.4.2 The amount refunded is the entire amount remaining on the RFID wristband (including the money resulting from online transactions). 

13.4.3 In order to carry out the Refund, the Participant must wear the bracelet on his wrist and must ensure that it does not show any traces of compromise (except the cases agreed by the Organizer and presented in this Regulation). 

13.4.4 If the customer made the Top Up using a bank card, the maximum amount he can withdraw in cash cannot exceed 2000 LEI. For situations where the balance of the bracelet is greater than 2000 LEI, the customer will have to present to the Help Desk the receipt issued by the bank POS, with proof of deposit of the amount. The customer will complete a refund request for this amount, which will be sent to the banking partner. Refund processing can take up to 14 working days. The amounts requested by completing the form will be returned to the account from which the initial payment was made.


B. Refund online

13.5.1 The online refund process refers to the return of the amounts that come ONLY form online transactions. The refund will be made on request, by completing a form by the Participant. The refund will be made approximately 14 days after the form is completed, directly on the card on which it was made the online upload transaction. 

13.5.2 The participants are obliged to correctly complete the form and to verify the data completed. 

13.5.3 The Organizer is not responsible for the refund if some of the information is not valid. 

13.5.4 For the online refund of unused amounts, a commission of 5 RON is charged – processing fee, automatically withdrawn from the festival account. 

13.5.5 The Refund Form can be completed until the date subsequently announced by the Organizer. Any request received after this date will not be considered by the Organizer. In this situation, the Organizer cannot be held guilty for not refunding the Participant, being the exclusive duty and obligation of the Participant to respect and address the request for refund within the time granted by the Organizer. If the Participant does not make the request within this time limit, he / she is the only one responsible for the non-refund of the money, the Organizer being free of any responsibility for such action. 

13.5.6 If a user has made a Top Up before the Festival begins and wishes to use the REFUND service before the beginning of the Festival, he/she will be able to do so only in exceptional situations, according to the present TCG. 

13.5.7 In the event that the festival-goer does not wish to withdraw the unspent amount from the bracelet, he has the possibility to donate the respective amount to a CSR campaign or an Association under a collaboration contract with the Festival (campaigns are announced by the Organizer near the event and are promoted in the perimeter of the Festival throughout its duration). The festival-goer can choose to donate the remaining amounts on the bracelet, when filling out the REFUND Form at the location (for a refund made at the location) or by pressing the donation button on the platform (for an online refund). 

13.6 The REFUND order for the situation in which the top up was made with several bank cards. 

13.6.1 Each transaction is associated with a bank card. If two transactions are made on two different cards, the money will first be debited from the first card which the top-up was made. For example, if you first load 100 Ron from a card and then 100 Ron from a different card and spend 80 Ron in the festival, the rest of the amount remaining on the bracelet account will be 120 RON. At REFUND, 20 RON will be returned for the first transaction (the first card from which the top up was made online) and 100 RON for the second card, respectively for the second online transaction. 

13.7 REFUND in the situation where the festival has made both top up online and also topped up at the festival. 

13.7.1 If there is money on the bracelet, the Participant will be able to obtain an online refund only in the amount of the transaction he/she made online. 

For example, if there is an online top-up of 50 RON, and on site there is a top- up of 150 RON, the balance of the bracelet will be 200 RON. If 70 RON is spent during the festival, a total of 130 RON will remain on the bracelet. From this amount, the Participant will be able to get online REFUND for only 50 RON, and the rest of money will be withdrawn at one of the Credit points form the Festival, but not later than the date and time set by the Organizer and communicated to the participants.

13.8 The Participant will permanently have access to the account created by him, to see the amount of money he/she has on the bracelet and the amount of money related to the online top-up. Thus, the Participant is constantly informed about the amount of money that he/she can request through online REFUND. 

13.9 In the event that the festival-goer has not withdrawn the unspent amounts from the bracelet or has not completed a form requesting an online refund or donation of the amount by the date and time set by the Organizer and communicated to the participants, these amounts become the property of the Festival.



14.1 Given the size of the Festival, the Organizer shall take the appropriate measures so that the Participant are informed on the prevention and protection measures and activities in the Festival Area. 

14.2 Everyone must behave in a civilized manner towards the other Festival Participants. 

14.3 To the extent that the Organizer considers that one Participant endangers the safety of the other Participants or creates a situation of discomfort for them the Organizer has the right to retain the Participant’s bracelet and to request the assistance of the Police to escort that Participant out of the Festival and not to allow him/her back into the Festival. 

14.4 Government agencies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs institutions or other authorized bodies may offer the Organizer a negative advice regarding the access of a ticket holder to the Festival. In this case, the Organizer is entitled to refuse entry into the perimeter of the event of the Buyer, and the latter will have no right of compensation. 

14.5. Participants acknowledge the potential risk of contracting COVID-19 (or similar). Organizers do not guarantee that the Festival area is or will remain entirely free from COVID-19 (or similar). Participants assume full responsibility for any losses or damages incurred in connection with COVID-19 (or similar).



15.1 By purchasing a ticket and attending the Festival, the Product Buyer agrees to be photographed, filmed, or recorded by the Organizer, venue management, or any third party operating on behalf of the Organizer during the Festival or in the immediate vicinity of the venue entrance. Additionally, by purchasing a Product, the Product Buyer consents to photographs, video recordings, or audio recordings of themselves at the Festival or in the immediate vicinity of the venue entrance ("Recorded Material") made by the Organizer, venue management, or any third party operating on behalf of the Organizer. By this, you agree that the Organizer, venue management, or any third party operating on behalf of the Organizer may use the Recorded Material in any way they see fit, without restrictions, approval, or compensation.

15.2. The Organizer holds image rights to the entire Festival and may use photos and videos taken by both its own staff and participants in various materials created during the Festival.

15.3 Participants acknowledge that Untold, its authorized contracted Partners, associates, press members, other visitors, and third parties may produce audio and visual recordings of the Festival. Therefore, by purchasing a Product and participating in the Festival, participants grant the Organizer permission to record and publish their image, appearance, and actions as per Article 15.1.

15.4 UNTOLD and individuals authorized by UNTOLD have an unrestricted right to profit from, use (especially for promoting the Festival), copy, publish, publicly broadcast, and distribute such recordings of Visitors without being required to pay Visitors for this.

15.5 Visitors expressly note that UNTOLD may record the Festival, concerts, and programs, copy the recordings, and distribute them using image carriers, broadcast them, or make them public in other ways, and may do so repeatedly, including by informing the public about the Festival, concerts, and programs through data transmission means by cable or any other means (e.g., YouTube), so that members of the public can individually choose the place and time of access.

15.6 Visitors do not have the right, within the limits of legal provisions, to make claims against UNTOLD regarding the recordings and their publication as described above.

15.7 Visitors cannot, without prior consent from UNTOLD, sell, use for commercial purposes, use for free, identify Visitors appearing in the respective recordings without their consent, or violate the personal rights of other Visitors.

15.8 The Organizer reserves the right to designate areas/locations where photography/filming is prohibited. In case of non-compliance, the Organizer has the right to delete the respective recordings.



16.1 Untold does not provide any guarantee regarding the possibility of entering the Festival at the desired time or attending a concert at the previously announced time and explicitly excludes refund of the Product price, granting any additional discounts, or payment of any damages or compensation resulting from these facts.

16.2 UNTOLD recommends that all participants check in online at the time of ticket purchase and arrive at the Festival at least a few hours before the concert they wish to attend.

16.3 Untold reserves the right to modify, restructure, and further develop the Festival, the Services, and the Products offered within the Festival, including but not limited to changes to the program (artistic, organizational, etc.) at its discretion. Participants have no right to any claims against Untold concerning these modifications, restructurings, or further developments. However, Untold will make every effort to provide the communicated programs and Services, and in cases where providing them becomes impossible, to replace the canceled program or previously communicated Service with another program or Service.

16.4 Therefore, UNTOLD will not guarantee the availability, content, quality, and quantity of programs and Services (such as the performance or appearance of a specific artist on stage, the fact that a specific artist's performance will meet the Visitor's expectations, or the opportunity to participate in a specific artistic program and/or at a specific location). These elements may depend on the special features of the location, unforeseen circumstances, and the equipment available in them (such as the seating capacity of a particular location).

16.5 UNTOLD is not obligated to cancel the Festival in the case of unfavorable weather conditions. However, in case authorities request the suspension or closure of the Festival by UNTOLD due to force majeure, the Festival or a part of it will be canceled/suspended, and UNTOLD cannot be held responsible for festival-goers or other third parties due to the closure/suspension.

16.6 Participants expressly acknowledge that they can purchase Products and Services related to the Festival offered by other Contractual Partners, not by UNTOLD. In such cases, the contract is directly concluded between the Visitor and the Contractual Partner, and the rights and obligations arising from the legal relationship apply exclusively to the Visitor and the Contractual Partner.

16.7 Untold disclaims any responsibility for damages arising from or suffered in connection with the purchase or use of Services and Products provided by Contractual Partners or for damages of any kind suffered by visitors as a result of participating in artistic performances or subsidiary activities within the Festival.

16.8 Visitors enter the Festival at their own risk and are responsible for any damages suffered by themselves or caused to other participants within the Festival area. Untold will only be held responsible if the respective damages are exclusively caused by Untold and could not have been avoided by the Participant through due diligence.

16.9 Lost and found items can be delivered to the information office indicated on the map. Visitors can inquire about lost items at the same office.

16.10 Participants are fully responsible, both under civil and criminal law, for any damages they have caused to UNTOLD, its Contractual Partners, and other Visitors and Third Parties within the Festival or in connection with the Festival.

16.11 Untold is not responsible for damages that may occur outside the Festival Area or on the way to or from the Festival Area.

16.12 UNTOLD has the right to immediately terminate the legal relationship with the Participant (having a Ticket or Bracelet) who has violated any provision of these TCG in connection with the Festival. In such a case, UNTOLD may invalidate the Participant's Ticket or remove their Bracelet, and the Participant will be required to leave the Festival. Furthermore, UNTOLD reserves the right to refuse the respective festival-goer the purchase of a new ticket throughout the duration of the festival or, if they obtain a ticket to the Festival, to deny their access to the Festival premises without granting any compensation.

16.13 In addition to the immediate termination of the legal relationship with the Participant, UNTOLD has the right to refuse their subsequent access to the Festival.

16.14 The Participant consents to receive medical treatment that may be considered appropriate in the event of injury, accident, or illness during the Festival, and fully exonerates UNTOLD and all persons providing such medical treatment from any liability for any such actions.

16.15 First aid and medical assistance services will be continuously provided within the Festival Area. UNTOLD is not responsible for the manner in which these services are provided.

16.16 High-intensity lighting and pyrotechnic effects may be used within the Festival, which could be harmful to children or individuals with epilepsy.

16.17 Participants suffering from mental or physical illnesses that could be affected by loud noises, special visual effects, crowded areas, special sound effects, or other such conditions assume full responsibility for any damages they may suffer.

16.18 Furthermore, the Organizer disclaims any responsibility for potential damages or injuries that may arise from fireworks. Participants assume full responsibility for their physical/mental ability to participate in various activities within the Festival.

IMPORTANT! We recommend undergoing specialized medical checks before participating in activities that require increased physical effort.

16.19 UNTOLD will not be held responsible, of any kind, for any kind of damage (direct or indirect) resulting from the use or inability to use the information presented on the Website in connection with the Festival. UNTOLD may delete, modify, or add any information on the Website without prior notice, suspend any activity on the Website, and, in cases where references are made to other websites, UNTOLD does not guarantee and/or confirm in any way the type of information that may be found on these websites.

16.20 UNTOLD is not responsible for the comments displayed by users on the Website. Any information, data, text, photographs, graphics, etc. contained on the Website are the responsibility of the person/entity from which they



17.1. Everything posted on the Website, as well as on various kinds of media in the Festival Area, such as, without limitation, images, texts, graphics, symbols, logos, databases, etc. shall be the property of Untold and/or its Contracted Partners. All of the above shall fall within the scope of intellectual property laws. 

17.2. Visitors and Third Parties may not use, copy, distribute, publish or incorporate in other documents or materials such markings/information in any form for the purpose of generating revenue     without       the   express and prior written permission of Untold and/or and its Contracted Partners. 

17.3. The images, logos, texts of Untold’s Contracted Partners belong to them and are reproduced on the Website or in the Festival Area with their approval. 

17.4. Untold shall endeavor to identify the unaddressed messages received on the Website, by recreating the direct link to the source or by mentioning the persons listed on this Website, but it cannot always guarantee the existence of the reproduced source. 



18.1. In order to use the Website, the Website users agree to provide accurate information on themselves, as specified in the user registration section, and agree to provide this information correctly and completely. 

18.2. Any attempt to provide false information, to access the personal data of another user, to amend the Website contents or to affect the performances of the server hosting the Website shall be considered an attempt to fraud the Untold systems and shall lead to immediate blocking of Website users’ access. Also, Untold reserves the right to inform the competent authorities of this attempt. 



19.1. Untold, at its sole discretion, shall determine the conditions for carrying out promotions on the Website, under the law. The promotions, raffles and competitions shall be carried out for a limited period and shall expire automatically on the date indicated for each and every promotion, raffle or competition. 

19.2. Any promotion, raffle or contest may be discontinued or canceled at any time without prior notice. However, all participants will be notified of the interruption or cancellation. 



20.1. Any conflict between Untold and its clients as a result of participating in the Festival or using the Sitewill be resolved amicably. If this is not possible, the dispute shall be referred to the Romanian courts of law from Cluj-Napoca or Bucharest. 

20.2. The applicable law is the Romanian law. 



21.1    These Terms and Conditions, representing the Contract between the consumer and the Organizer, may be assigned by the latter without the consent of the customer. 

21.2. The name of the chapters and the sub-titles are for reference only and should not be taken into account in the interpretation or construction of these T&Cs. 

21.3    If any of the clauses in this T&Cs are declared null and void, the rest of the clauses will continue to produce their effects, and the clause declared null or unenforceable will be replaced by a new clause that reflects as closely as possible the will of the Organizer. 


The "General Terms and Conditions - UNTOLD 2024" section was last updated on 13.06.2024 regarding aspects related to the organisation of the 2024 edition.



To ensure a pleasant and safe experience for all users of student dormitory rooms during the Untold Festival held between August 8th and 11th, 2024, please read and adhere to the following Terms and Conditions:


1.1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to accommodation offers in student dormitory rooms and concern individuals who wish to purchase or have purchased such a service ("User") marketed by Untold Production SRL, a Romanian legal entity with headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, Eremia Grigorescu Street, no. 122A, Cluj County, registered with the Trade Register under no. J12/5129/2021, VAT number: 45114420 ("Organizer").

1.2. By purchasing such a service, the User declares that they have read, understood, and agree to comply with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.



2.1. The rooms are exclusively intended for accommodation purposes during the Untold Festival held between August 8th and 11th, 2024, in Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County (as well as in the pre and post festival days).

2.2. Each User is obliged to use this service in such a way as not to expose any other person to the risk of injury or illness. Tenants are obliged to inform the security personnel and the Organizer about the imminent danger of an accident or illness, as well as any accidents that occur.

2.3. Users are obliged to comply with access rules to the dormitory, health and safety at work rules, fire prevention and extinguishing rules, environmental protection rules, sanitary and preventive medicine rules.

2.4. Any illegal activity is strictly prohibited and may be reported to the competent authorities.

2.5. Smoking is prohibited inside the rooms, on balconies, in enclosed common areas, and in other designated no-smoking areas.

2.6. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or psychoactive substances or those classified as drugs is prohibited in the student dormitory and/or student campuses.

2.7. Bringing animals (dogs, cats, etc.) into the dormitory room or campus is prohibited.

2.8. Subletting or transferring the room to other persons is not permitted, and receiving persons from outside in the dormitory room is not allowed.

2.9. Any structural or layout modifications of the room are prohibited.

2.10. The User is obliged to pay the price specified in the offer selected in accordance with the displayed details and accepted by payment. Room reservation is made only at the moment when the payment is registered in the merchant's system. Once the order is confirmed, it cannot be canceled, and paid orders cannot be refunded.



3.1. Compliance with safety and security rules, including closing the door when leaving the room and reporting any defects or problems.

3.2. Compliance with cohabitation rules, including compliance with the quiet hours and rules regarding room guests.

3.3. Maintaining cleanliness in rooms and all dormitory spaces is the responsibility of the room user. The user will not dispose of waste in spaces not intended for this purpose or litter around the dormitory.

3.4. Proper use of inventory items, electrical and sanitary installations provided and avoiding accidents caused by improper use, carelessness, or neglect;

3.5. Not using electric heating appliances and/or household appliances (microwave oven, electric oven, washing machine, etc.).

3.6. Not overloading the electrical network by simultaneously using multiple consumers and not using electrical appliances, cables, sockets, switches, protective devices with defects or improvisations.

3.7. Not leaning over the balcony edge, staircase railings, or window sills.

3.8. Not running on stairs.

3.9. Not destroying authorized posters displayed by the dormitory administration.

3.10. Not storing objects or food products on window sills, balconies, and not throwing objects out the window.

3.11. Not disconnecting gas detectors and not blocking ventilation holes.

3.12. Not leaving cooking appliances (gas stoves or electric stoves) unattended while in operation.

3.13. Using passenger elevators according to their instructions for use and respecting the indicated weight displayed in the elevator cabin.

3.14. Not making any modifications to the room, furniture, or related room installations.

3.15. Not using living spaces and common use spaces for purposes other than those for which they were assigned.

3.16. Not making changes to the data network (sockets, PVC bed, cables, communication cabinets, active equipment, etc.), not introducing active equipment into the data network.

3.17. Fully and properly returning the room and the received goods to their initial state.

3.18. Presenting an identity document at the request of authorized personnel from the dormitory administration.



4.1. The User is obliged to comply with fire prevention and extinguishing rules, technical safety rules, occupational safety, environmental protection rules, sanitary and preventive medicine rules, as well as consumer protection rules; specifically, the following:

a) upon leaving the room, to check and take measures to remove the causes that could cause fires;

b) to immediately inform security or the Organizer about circumstances likely to cause fires;

c) to participate, to the extent of safety, in firefighting and removing their causes;

d) not to destroy fire prevention and extinguishing means in the dormitory (hydrants, various types of fire extinguishers, fire sensors, evacuation plans, and other indicator panels);

e) not to use means of heating spaces and food other than those provided in the dormitories;

f) not to perform "improvisations" on electrical installations or intervene in electrical panels and boards;

h) not to request and/or force access with any type of vehicles within the campus perimeter.



5.1. The Organizer or the dormitory administration do not assume responsibility for losses, damages, or accidents suffered by the User during the use of the room or common areas.

5.2. In the event that the User damages or destroys any property in the room or common areas, they shall pay the value of the goods, the cost of manufacturing or installation. If it is not possible to identify the guilty parties for damage caused in the room, all users of the room will be jointly liable for the damages caused. The communicated price will be paid by the User at the latest at the time of releasing the dormitory room.



6.1. Any breach of these terms and conditions may lead to the termination of the contract between the parties, including the request to vacate the room.

6.2. We reserve the right to modify or update these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice.

6.3. By using the room during the Untold Festival from August 8th to 11th, 2024, the User confirms that they have read and understood these terms and conditions and undertake to fully comply with th.

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