5-8 August 2021

Official Statement


Over the past 5 years, we have experienced together our most intense feelings and moments, writing down an unbelievable UNTOLD story.  Each and every one of you has been a significant part of every Chapter. For this, we want to thank all from the bottom of our hearts! We have become not just a community, but a movement! A generation of Heroes driven by the power of good, united through music, embracing the magic of the unexpected every year.  

After an amazing 2019 edition, we started working on yet another magical UNTOLD Chapter, putting all our love & passion into it, bringing our best and innovative ideas on the table, preparing that “once-in-a-lifetime” line-up of artists that nobody would want to miss. Without any question, UNTOLD 2020 would have exceeded all your expectations, as every chapter did so far, since our story began in 2015.





Unfortunately, the first part of 2020 came with a challengethat caught everybody off-guard.

We were put in front of a situation that challenged us all to be patient, understanding, and careful with the people around us. COVID-19 pandemic has made us watch and feel with fear this year, because the last months were very uncertain for everyone. 

We chose to stay optimistic. We chose to fight for our chance to meet again with our friends this summer as long as there was the smallest hope for this wish to be possible. At the same time, we assured you every time that we are in permanent contact with all the authorities from Romania since march, in order to understand the evolution of COVID-19 and we asked them to let us know as soon as possible whether or not we are allowed to organize our festival this year, seeing that in most countries affected by the pandemic in Europe, the authorities have taken in advance the decision to cancel the events this summer or this entire year. We showed our support in the anti-COVID-19 fight through our campaign UNITED, we supported all the measures and guided the fans of our festival to respect all the decisions of Romanian authorities.


In this uncertain times, we wanted to make sure that we will take the best measures, putting first the safety and health of our fans, partners, artists and thousands of people that are involved with so much passion in organizing 




Unfortunately, time has passed in our detriment, the pandemic covering a much longer time than even the most optimistic of us hoped, and as close as we got to July and August, in all of this uncertainty, the reality was making sure that it will bring us one of the saddest scenarios. At the same time, we have tried to better understand your concerns, the concerns of the thousands of fans who already bought tickets and passes to our festival. While waiting for our authorities to announce the future of the events in Romania, we considered it our responsibility to give you the possibility to change your 2020 tickets and passes into  an ANYTIME product, that guarantees you the access to one of the next 3 editions of our festival, at your choice.

We felt like a big family when we saw how understanding and supportive you received our news, with over 95% of our festival-goers who swapped their tickets and passes into an ANYTIME product.  You have shown us, once again, that you are the most beautiful crowd a festival could wish for. You have shown us that we are not alone, that you trust us and you are like us – you can’t wait to meet again, as soon as possible. And we thank you for your patience and understanding!




In the context of the uncertainty that exists in the events industry in Romania, the restricted measures under which people can work together, but also the fact that the Minister of Culture has sent to the Romanian Parliament a bill that bans the organization of events with more than 1000 people until August 31st 2020, we think is necessary for us to take a final decision, to bring clarity to all those waiting for our festival this summer.

With our hearts broken, but with the certainty that we are making the best decision for everyone’s health and safety, we have to announce that we will postpone this year’s edition of UNTOLD for 2021.

It is an extremely difficult situation for all of us, we are all sad, but, as we always did, we must put everyone’s safety first, so that we can all meet again, healthier and stronger in 2021. At the same time, given that measures, such as social distancing, limited number to a few hundreds of people who can gather together, could maintained all the summer, it becomes impossible to give you the festival experience that we know you are waiting for and you deserve. The festival is about the joy of being with your friends, about the joy of being in a 

crowd with other beautiful people, and any restrictions in this regard wouldn’t allow us to fully live and enjoy this experience. We will continue to keep in touch with the authorities, so that we can return to you with the new dates of our event, in 2021, in the best and safest conditions.




We are extremely grateful to those over 95% of fans who swapped their tickets and passes for this year’s edition into an ANYTIME pass. We thank you for all this trust and we promise you that you will have the most beautiful experiences at any of the next 3 editions you will decide to join. All those who haven’t chosen the ANYTIME version will be able to choose, within 30 days from the announcement of the 2021 edition, to transfer their ticket or pass to 2021 edition or to receive a voucher that can be used to buy other products of the organizers. Those who will be unable to participate at the 2021 edition will be able to choose the refund, between October 1st – December 31st 2021. Also, all those who need support to reschedule their accommodation in Cluj-Napoca or other situations appeared as a result of this decision can contact us to offer them all the support we have.

At the same time, we have to stay united, we have to be understanding with each other, because, beyond this sadness that we won’t meet this year, it is our duty to ensure that also the thousands of suppliers that work with us will pass through this hard times and we will be able to rely on the same well-trained, passionate, creative people without whom we couldn’t organize our festival every year.

We will continue to stay together, to be the same beautiful community and we will continue to bring you joy in the next period with new initiatives, to ensure that the time left until we will meet again will pass much easier.


UNTOLD magic keeps us together!

The UNTOLD team





These are exceptional times we live in. And in times like these, we always think about the ones we love: YOU!

During this period, we all have a lot of questions, we are all looking for answers. The only certainties are that, at this moment, UNTOLD festival is not canceled and it represents, this year, the hope and miracle in which many people still believe. At the same time, another certainty is the fact that the times we are living are truly exceptional. And, unfortunately, no one has the answer to the question – when is this crisis going to end?

We've read every single message you sent, we've understood your every concern and our hearts skipped a beat whenever a message of hope was sent our way.

As the organizers of the biggest festival in Romania, we have a responsibility to the tens of thousands of people who have placed their trust in us and have purchased their tickets for UNTOLD 2020. For them, we are doing everything in our power, as long as there will be the slightest hope, to meet again in the safest conditions this year. 

We assure you  we are fully aware of the hard times the entire planet is going through and we will fully respect all the measures and recommendations taken by our authorities, and put everyone’s health first.

We are all part of the UNTOLD story, no matter the chapter! We’ve worked tirelessly to come up with the best solution for you, one that allows all of us to keep our hopes up and in the same time minimize uncertainty and give you the safety and flexibility you deserve, so we can be together again, enjoying our best moments together at the right moment in time.


With all this in mind and you in our hearts, we have created the ANYTIME Pass, which will allow you to be part of yet another magical chapter, at any one of the following 3 editions, at your choice, regardless of the dates, be it this year or the next ones. 


All UNTOLD 2020 ticket categories can be upgraded to an ANYTIME Pass alternative, free of charge, within the next 10 days, by accessing your check-in account

The swap is also available for day-tickets.

For those of you who want to own an ANYTIME pass, you can go to


Thank you for being a part of the UNTOLD story! 

We stand UNITED,




UNTOLD 2020 preparations go on  

March 10th, 2020 

UNTOLD is a responsible organization, that has always put the safety of its fans first. With every edition we make, we closely collaborate with all the authorities, providing an example of security for events all over the world.     
It is important to understand and support the decisions of our authorities and take all the necessary measures, in the short term, concerning the Coronavirus. Right now, prevention is essential. We organize the most important event in Romania, we are aware of how big our fan’s expectations are. In order to be able to enjoy a summer full of events, we need to treat this situation objectively, with calm and responsibility. At this moment, everyone's safety is the most important thing to us all, so we are open to supporting in any way the efforts of our authorities. 

We are in permanent contact with the authorities and we are carefully watching the evolution of this situation with responsibility. For this reason, we advise everyone to read the news from trustful, authorized sources, to follow the recommendations of the authorities and to take into consideration all the preventive measures announced by authorities, in order to stop the spread of the virus. 

We want to assure our fans that our work for the most awaited festival in Romania – UNTOLD – is going further. We are optimists and we work intensive in the next 5 months, as we always did, to bring joy to the people in the summer when our festival will take place. 

We are confident that the measures taken both internationally and nationally by the authorities, in conjunction with the awareness of each human being, to respect the preventive and protection measures for everyone’s safety, will have a positive effect in the upcoming months.  

The UNTOLD Management Team